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$69.00 USD - $111.00 USD

Moissanite Double Rose Cut

Image of Moissanite Double Rose Cut

This round Charles & Colvard® Forever One™ created moissanite features a brilliant white color with pristine rose-cut faceting on both the top and bottom of the stone.

Graded by GIA standards, Forever One™ created moissanite achieves a colorless (D, E, F) rating; this stone represents a revolution in dazzling, sparkling clarity. A Forever One gemstone is the only created moissanite considered colorless by GIA color-grading standards. This dazzling, ultra-white gem exhibits more fiery brilliance than any other gemstone—even natural diamond—at a fraction of the cost of diamond.

A favorite of yesteryear, rose-cut faceting features a crown made up of triangular facets symmetrically arranged in a circle and rising to form a point at the top of the stone. The double rose-cut offers added dimension with a crown of triangular facets on both sides of the stone.